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Names For Cats With Stripes

Do you have a cat that looks like a tiger and do not know what name to put cat? Below, you will find a list of names for striped cats, five for males and five for females, and a brief description below to understand a little better the origin and meaning of each name.

Which of these names for cats that look like tigers do you like the most? Choose a nice name for cats that have the mantle similar to that of a tiger and that combine perfectly with the beauty and elegance that these kittens transmit. Because we know that there is no more beautiful name than cat names according to their color, right?


It’s the name of Jasmine’s tiger in the Disney movie Aladdin. If you like the names of Disney for cats, this name is ideal for male cats with stripes, do not you think?


It is the name of the tigress of the fourth installment of the animated film Ice Age. Ideal for insightful and fast striped cats.


If you lived through the Seoul Olympics in 1988, Hodori would be familiar. It was the name of the mascot tiger of the Olympic Games and is ideal for adventurous and curious striped cats. Learn more Korean names for cats like this one.


What do you think of calling your striped cat with this name? Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful and elegant cat names.


It is the name of one of the characters in the Thundercats series. Ideal for cats that look like tigers, orange and muscular.


Although it is a long name for cats, the truth is that there is no more complete name like this. With an important history behind it, Anastasia is an ideal name for smart and agile cats with stripes.


Surely this name sounds to you because it is the evil character of The Jungle Book. It is a name that exudes great strength and will give your cat a great personality.


Without a doubt, a lovely name for cats with stripes. It will sound to you by the name of the inseparable companion of Simba in The Lion King.

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