Names For Blue Eyed Cats

The blue-eyed cat is a breed of American origin; apparently, a turtled cat, from New Mexico, fathered a kitten called Cornflower, mainly characterized by having intense blue eyes. American breeders began to work to get cats with this particular eye color. At present, this race includes not only blue eyes, but also cats with different eyes, in one or the other case, it is due to a dominant type mutation, but separate from the genetics of white and pointed cats.

Cat blue eye is a beast very active domestic, for that reason you need enough space to exercise, one of its main qualities is the fact that adapts well to family life, are cats is gregarious, keep a sweet and warm character. The maintenance of its coat is quite easy: a brushing every 10 days is enough to maintain a lustrous mantle, although arrival the time of molting should be done more assiduously.

And also, put a name for your blue eyed cat can be an exciting but complex task. So below we are listing the most beautiful names of cats with blue eyes.


Indigo, Baby Blue, Sapphire, Owen, Azure, Dusty, Sandy, Theo, Ames, NongYao, Sophie, Thailer, Rosey, Turquoise, Mirage, Zinnia, Isaac, Phoebe, Darcey, Florence, Ellie, Maisie, Cato, Cerulean, Sammy, Mali, Aria, Eliza, Infiniti, Harrison, Prija, Mya, Cerul, Nova, Katana, Gradience, Juniper, Billy, Felicity, Ratana, Thaila, Mana, Rory, Trinity, Precious, Jasmine, Mason, Magnolia, Cinnamon, Harry, Liam, Rajah, Boribun, Ellis, Klahan, Satra, Luca, Leon, Lucas, Lars, Opal, Socks, Maggi, Snickers, Neptune, Sweet Paws, Grace, Niamh, Lynx, Azy, Manoj, Aryis, Wila, Nathan, Freddie, Elliot, Sappharia, Nai, Lottie, Roman, Suda, Evie, Vega, Millie, Lulu, Whimsy, Goldy, Alvin, William, Isla, Astro, Dara, Smokey, Thai, Ethan, Mia, Maya, Willow, Elijah, Saroj, Ava, Toby, Kai, Shadow, Sam, Flower, Sud, Malee, Soraya, Lyla, Ying, Gracie, Lotus, Alexander.

BODY: Normal, that is, neither too long nor too short. The flexible and arched neck, medium bones, the front legs shorter than the hind legs, small feet. Tail in proportion to your body, ending in a point.
HEAD: Triangular shaped, rounded forehead, square snout, chin not prominent.
EARS: Medium size, high insertion, slightly rounded tips.
EYES: Large, slightly rounded, light blue or grayish blue, with unequal eyes the non-blue color will be copper or green. Very dark tones are preferred.
MANTLE: Short, silky, fine, soft, glossy, these specimens have a bit of fluff. All colors are admitted, however white tones in their entirety are not desired since they can not be differentiated from white cats, blue eyes other than this type of race.