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Names For Black Cats

Names for black cats and names for original black cats.

Find a name for a new kitten? One of the best options is to be inspired by the color of your hair. Discover this list of names for black cats appropriate for kittens and kittens that color so special!

The Black Cats ignite the imagination of people, more than any other cat. They have been hated, or instead feared for centuries in many countries, and for that reason, they have been persecuted.

But today is different; we are banishing ignorance, to understand that black cats are very beautiful, elegant, magnetic animals, and there is something special in them. The black cats give good luck, and we bring good things to those who love them! So when a new black cat comes into your life, you will need to find the best name for it, one appropriate to your jet black coat!

Since black cats are mysterious and magical beings, the good idea is to give them a name originating in Egyptian mythology. Since in ancient Egypt there were numerous deities, we have selected some of them, which by their characteristics can go very well for a black cat.


One of the nine great Egyptian gods, Osiris also called “the shepherd of God” or “the universal lord” was husband and brother of Isis. Associated with success, religion, the arts, civilization and the law, he was murdered by his obscure brother SETH and vivified thanks to Isis again. It is an appropriate name for an elegant black cat,  which has a formal and refined expression.

ANUBIS (An-yoo-biss) 

Anubis was an Egyptian god in the jackal and the body of a man. He was the protector of the dead and one of the deities that ruled the world of the dead. Anubis was depicted as a dark colored jackal, so this is a perfect name for black and mysterious cats.


It was a rather dark deity, and not precisely because of its color. Associated with death, crimes, the underworld, evil, the dark side and internal conflict. Seth was the brother of Osiris and was his murderer because of jealousy. Seth was also the god of hunger, so this black cat name would go well for a wolverine cat or for the typical malevolent cat that only thinks about doing pranks to have fun …


Bastet was the mother of all cats. She was also a protective goddess of the home, of fertility, of births and pregnancies and personified the feminine energy.

The sacred animal par excellence and the physical representation of  Bastet was the black cat, to the point that the priests dedicated to Bastet performed cures using a  real black cat to preside over the moment.

So Bastet is one of the best names for a black cat (especially for a  black female cat, beautiful, affectionate or that has been a perfect mom).


Neit was known as “the hunter,” Egyptian deity associated with hunting and war, but also mysticism. That is why this is a female black cat name that loves to hunt, chase toys and be awake at night plotting their felonies …


Nephthys or Nephthys was the goddess espoused with the infernal SET, sister of Osiris and Isis, and mother of Anubis, the jackal god. Nephthys was the Egyptian goddess of magic, the occult, the invisible and dreams. This is a name of mysterious black cat, elusive, thoughtful, self-absorbed, who likes to hide!

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