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Cat Names For Brothers

We know that choosing the name of the cat is not an easy task, and if you have two cats, the task is duplicated. If you have brother cats, it ‘s time to think about what you’ll call them. Although there are many names for domestic cats,  the truth is that there are pairs of names that are very original and funny. Below, you will find a list of names for male twin cats that may be of inspiration to decide the names of your two kittens.

Below each pair of names, you will find a brief description to understand the origin of cat names and their meaning better. Which pair of names do you like the most for your brothers cats? Remember that if you have two cats, you can also take a look at the list of names for brothers cats that we propose.


Although they are the names of the most famous cat-mouse pair, calling your cats  Tom and Jerry can be an entertaining and original option. And if the color of your cloak is similar to the original color of these cartoon characters, much better, do not you think?


The popularity of these two friends can also serve as a reference to decide the name of your twin cats. Ideally, each of the cats should be a different color, one with a coat of dark color (possibly black or dark gray) and another with lighter shades (white, orange or light gray).


They name one of the most popular children’s games in history. This pair of names for twin cats is a very peculiar combination for the most beloved kittens in the house.


The rhyme is, without a doubt, the most striking element of this pair of names. Both are funny names for twin cats and are ideal for active and agile cats.


If you have two cats of different sex but are brothers,  you can also play with these two names of the Disney movie,  The Lion King,  to decide their names. They are, without doubt, very common names among felines, but of the most beautiful and distinguished.


In addition to being famous names of cats, these two appellations form a pair of names for cats ideal for twin pussycats. In addition, they are associated with cats of different characters, both active and lazy, as well as family and independent.


They are two of the best known fictitious names for cats. These names of gods for cats will reinforce the active and intelligent character of your pussycat.


Do you like names for cats related to food? If you are looking for original, unusual but beautiful names,  Coco and Kiwi will be a good option to call your brothers cats.


How about choosing a name for cats that is associated with some part of your body? Zarpas and Whiskers are two names that combine perfectly and are also ideal for any cat breed you prefer.


If you are a fan of  The Chronicles of Narnia,  these names will be familiar. Aslan and Caspian are two of the most important characters in this youth saga and respond to the names of two kings. Are you convinced?

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Cat Names 

Names For Siamese

A nice Siamese cat has arrived home, and it’s time to decide what you’ll call it. Although there are many names for cats, the truth is that more and more owners are joining the fashion of choosing names for cats according to their breed. Siamese cats are very friendly, According to Cats are on top, so it’s better to choose a cool name for your new best friend. The best way to do it, is to take a look at the list of names for Siamese cats that we propose below.

Below you will find ideas of names for Siamese cats and their meaning, both for male and female cats. Which of all convinces you more for the pussycat of the house?


This is the name one of the  Siamese cats in the movie  The Lady and the Tramp. Therefore, it will be amusing that, if you have two twin cats,  call them Si and Am.


It is one of the common names for most popular cats. It is ideal for  Siamese cats loving and playful.


It is another of the names of the  Siamese cats of the film  The Lady and the Tramp. If you have two twin cats, it will be very original to call them Si and Am.


The name of this drink gives much game when it comes to choosing a name for a domestic cat. It is appropriate for curious and playful male Siamese cats.


Hydra is the largest modern constellation and, according to Greek mythology, it was a water monster in the shape of a polyphasic serpent (more than three heads). It is a  short name for independent and corpulent Siamese cats.


It is the name of Mufasa’s trusted advisor in the Disney movie  The Lion King. It is ideal for  Siamese cats, worthy and loyal,  attentive to the movements of their owners and loyal protectors.


This name is coquettish but very appropriate for affectionate Siamese cats. According to Greek mythology,  Doris was the nymph wife of Nereus, mother of fifty Nereids, and was associated with beauty and creativity. Perfect for curious and calm cats like yours.


This name for male Siamese cats is reminiscent of the first human being who stepped on the Moon in the 60s, Neil Armstrong. It is, therefore, a name with a lot of history for curious and adventurous cats.


Who does not remember Sissi, the beautiful impression of Austria? Sissi is one of the most used names for cats and combines very well with the curious and independent character  of this breed.


It was the name of the twenty-third emperor of Japan. If you like the name  Kenzo,  you should know that it is very appropriate for playful and awake Siamese ca

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Cat Names 

Names for Mustached Cats

When a new cat arrives in the family, it is logical that we want to find a cat name that is beautiful, simple, distinctive and, above all, original. However, finding original names for Mustached Cats is not always a simple task – especially when we have several kittens at home, and we can not think of original cat names anymore. Where can we find inspiration then?

Let’s stop and moment and think of our favorite musicians, the historical characters that impressed us when they were young and even in those foods that we love so much. Can you think of original names for your cat? Sometimes it is enough to look around to find original names for Mustached Cats with meaning that, besides, we like enormously. Do you want to know ten of them?


This cat name is, without a doubt, one of the best names for male cats that you will find – especially if you are looking for names for cats according to their color -. If your cat is black and white and you want to bet on a name never seen, this original cat name is your solution.


Are you looking for a cat name that sounds strong, fighter … and also be original? Then this character of The Hunger Games is your solution. Movies and television series are often a source of inspiration to find cute and unique names for cats. Which style to choose depends on you!


Shiva, the Hindu god of nature, is part of our list of original names for cats. In addition, it is a unique unisex cat name that you can use for both your cat and your cat.


Is your cat’s cat breed dark in color? Put this original name on the cat and use it when you address him. You will learn to recognize it!


Your cat is amusing, and you are looking for original names for funny cats? What do you think about this option that we propose? This is one of the most innovative cat names you will find so much, that it is very likely that you have never heard it. Am I wrong?


Is your kitten bold and brave? So this is one of the best names for female cats that you will find. Whether you are looking for original names for cats or names for cats, Arya from Game of Thrones is your best option. Reserved only for the most warriors!


Is your cat original by itself and has an eye for each color? Then Bowie is one of the most original names for your cat. Nobody will be indifferent when you call your cat!


Are you looking for original names for Siamese cats or for another type of bicolor cat? “Socks” is not only a very original and fun name but also will soften you.


If you are looking for original names for mustached cats, Bambu is a very exotic name that will differentiate your cat from the rest of the kittens.


Are you looking for original names for cats that have to mean? If your cat is unruly and has revolutionized halfway through the house, this is the most original cat name your mustached cat can receive.

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