Cat Names 

Most Popular Cat Names

If you have adopted or are considering adopting a cat and still do not know how to call it, you are in the perfect place to discover it. The names for a cat are usually very repetitive and common; here we will show you some popular and varied options.

These animals are silent, independent, loving and faithful, having a cat implies certain responsibilities such as expenses, care, and attention, but it is certainly something worth taking on if you are looking to enjoy a good company in your life.

Recommendations for choosing cat names

  • Avoid that the name is very extensive, so it will be much easier for your feline to understand when you are heading towards him; they understand better when his name is one or two syllables. In this way, you will also facilitate other people to memorize it quickly.
  • In addition to being short, the name must have a good phonetic, if it is difficult to pronounce when other people try to address it is very likely that the cat does not capture the message that you want to convey well.
  • If the cat is not only going to live with you, if not in a whole family, it would be a good idea that when choosing your name there is a consensus among all the members, remember that when you adopt a pet, it also becomes a crucial part Of your family.
  • Generally, people adopt cats when they are still babies, and in these conditions, it is difficult to know how they will behave when they are big. But if you find any characteristic, behavior or particularity in your feline, a good idea to assign a name is based on in what makes him so special.
  • You can give it a name related to a famous character either from your favorite books or movies.
  • There are an infinity of names for male cats, but if none catches your attention, put your creativity at stake and create an exclusive one for your cat.

Meaning of some popular names for cats

Aldo: has a Germanic origin, means noble and experienced.

Boris: If your cat is big and has much hair, this name will be perfect, its origin is Slavic and means “the big bear.”

Copo / Copito: If your cat is white as snow, this name will be the one indicated for him.

Dante: It comes from the Latin durans, and its meaning is “perdurance and resistance.”

Eros: If your cat is affectionate, sweet or loving, this name is the perfect choice for him, according to Greek mythology, Eros is the name of the god of love

Felix: It comes from Latin and means “He who considers himself happy or fortunate.”

Glutton: If your cat is characterized by eating a lot, being sleepy and calm, this name is appropriate.

Hamlet: It has English origin, but it is related to the Icelandic amlodhi which means “crazy.”

Imar: If one of the main characteristics of your cat is to be playful, this name is the ideal one for him.

Jerry:  It is the diminutive of the name Jeremias, and its meaning is “Exaltation of God .”

Kenny: It means treasure in Arabic.

Lucky: It is the English equivalent of the word luck.

Mambo: This name is perfect for dynamic and playful cats. It is usually used for brown or black cats.

Nero:  It is of Latin origin and means great value and strength.

Otto: Its origin is German and means wealth and great wealth.

Pepe: Its origin is biblical, and it is a nickname of the name José that means “To the one that God thanks.”

Cherub: It has a biblical origin and means “the angel that overflows with wisdom.”

Rambo:  It’s the name of a popular action movie. Surely you have heard about it.

Simba: Its origins are African, and it means lion.

Tor: Originally from Egypt and means king, if your cat always tries to get attention or has a tendency to feel superior, this name is appropriate.

Ulis: It is the diminutive of Ulysses, it has Greek origin and means “He who has bad character.”

Valentín: It is of Latin origin and means “He who has more strength.”

Willy: Its origin is Greek, and it means “Protector.”

Xander: It has Greek origin and means “The protector of men.”

Yamil: It means beautiful and beautiful, it has Arabic origin, if your cat likes to be contemplated or praised for its beauty, this name is the right one.

Zah: The origin of this name is Lebanese, meaning “Bright and luminous.”

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Cat Names 

Names For Cats With Stripes

Do you have a cat that looks like a tiger and do not know what name to put cat? Below, you will find a list of names for striped cats, five for males and five for females, and a brief description below to understand a little better the origin and meaning of each name.

Which of these names for cats that look like tigers do you like the most? Choose a nice name for cats that have the mantle similar to that of a tiger and that combine perfectly with the beauty and elegance that these kittens transmit. Because we know that there is no more beautiful name than cat names according to their color, right?


It’s the name of Jasmine’s tiger in the Disney movie Aladdin. If you like the names of Disney for cats, this name is ideal for male cats with stripes, do not you think?


It is the name of the tigress of the fourth installment of the animated film Ice Age. Ideal for insightful and fast striped cats.


If you lived through the Seoul Olympics in 1988, Hodori would be familiar. It was the name of the mascot tiger of the Olympic Games and is ideal for adventurous and curious striped cats. Learn more Korean names for cats like this one.


What do you think of calling your striped cat with this name? Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful and elegant cat names.


It is the name of one of the characters in the Thundercats series. Ideal for cats that look like tigers, orange and muscular.


Although it is a long name for cats, the truth is that there is no more complete name like this. With an important history behind it, Anastasia is an ideal name for smart and agile cats with stripes.


Surely this name sounds to you because it is the evil character of The Jungle Book. It is a name that exudes great strength and will give your cat a great personality.


Without a doubt, a lovely name for cats with stripes. It will sound to you by the name of the inseparable companion of Simba in The Lion King.

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Cat Names From Movies

There are many movies, comics and animated series that have cats as protagonists. And the character of the pussycat does not go unnoticed even for the most prestigious directors of the seventh art. A wide variety of cat names have emerged,   inspired by these fictional characters, most of them with years of experience behind them. The famous names for cats stand out for their originality, and we are convinced that they will awaken more than a smile to those who know your cat for the first time.

Here’s a list of famous cat names from movies to help you decide the name of your favorite cat.  Surely more than one will be familiar.


If you like Japanese names for cats, Doraemon will love you. It is the name of an adventurous cat, intelligent and friendly, always willing to help Novita, a boy with whom he lives intrepid adventures throughout the series.


With black fur, white eyes and a big smile, the Felix cat is one of the most famous animated characters in silent movies. This wonderful cat reached in a short time a great popularity, although of course, keep in mind that  Felix is for this reason one of the most common names for cats.


The name of this goose, orange and lazy cat who loves lasagna and watching television is also one of the favorites of many pussycat owners. Therefore, it is ideal for cream cats, oranges or brindle cats.


It is the name of the Cinderella cat, cunning, lazy and very naughty. If you have a cat with these characteristics, you will not find any name that best suits your character as Lucifer.


Silvestre is a black and white red-nosed cat that lives obsessed with catching Piolin. This famous cat name is perfect if you have white and black cats, naughty and playful.


If you are an unconditional fan of the series The Simpsons, the name of Bola de Nieve will sound to you. Like the previous one, this name is ideal for white cats, although the character in the series is black. You can also put it on loving and family cats.


This white kitten with a pink flower gives off tenderness and elegance. So, if you’re looking for cat names, maybe this is the ideal.


If you like the Simpsons series, you will know the origin of this name. Scratch and Pica or Pica and Scratch, these are the names of the cartoons that Bart and Lisa Simpson are passionate about. Do not you think a very original cat name?


It is the cat of Alice in Wonderland, very smiling and insightful. It’s also one of the names of Disney characters for cats most used by owners. How about?


We know there is no Tom without Jerry, or Jerry without Tom. Although it is one of the common names for more used cats, Tom is still a wise choice when choosing the name of the cat. It is ideal for curious, active and intelligent cats.

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