Names For Blue Eyed Cats

The blue-eyed cat is a breed of American origin; apparently, a turtled cat, from New Mexico, fathered a kitten called Cornflower, mainly characterized by having intense blue eyes. American breeders began to work to get cats with this particular eye color. At present, this race includes not only blue eyes, but also cats with different eyes, in one or the other case, it is due to a dominant type mutation, but separate from the genetics of white and pointed cats. Cat blue eye is a beast very active domestic, for…

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Cat Names 

Names For Black Cats

Names for black cats and names for original black cats. Find a name for a new kitten? One of the best options is to be inspired by the color of your hair. Discover this list of names for black cats appropriate for kittens and kittens that color so special! The Black Cats ignite the imagination of people, more than any other cat. They have been hated, or instead feared for centuries in many countries, and for that reason, they have been persecuted. But today is different; we are banishing ignorance,…

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